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Landscaper/Landscape Architect serving Southbury, Connecticut
“My primary expertise is in the design and construction of ponds, dams, waterfalls, and fountains. I deal with natural, rubber lined and masonry water features, water pumping and filtering, and the surrounding garden beds. All projects are under my personal supervision with special attention to the details that make ponds and waterfalls beautiful as well as functional.
(914) 315-7830
Landscaper/Landscape Architect in Southbury, Connecticut
(203) 275-0483
Landscaper/Landscape Architect in East Haven, Connecticut
(203) 350-0487
Landscapers: 1 to 5

Who can be a landscaper?
Landscape Architects or Landscaping Architects are required in most states to be licensed. This requires a degree in landscape architecture from an accredited school, work experience and passing the Landscape Architect Registration Exam.

Many landscapers in New Haven County or gardeners are not required to be licensed, although the best landscapers become skilled through landscaping work, vocational training and experience on the job. A landscaper will sometimes be referred to as a landscaping consultant, landscape contractor or landscaping contractor. Companies are sometimes licensed or registered as a landscaping company (or landscaping companies) or landscaping business (or landscape business).
How to find a Landscaper with specific Landscape skills?
If you're looking for a specialist in New Haven County, Connecticut, try to refine your search with our left nav bar.

You can also try contacting a Landscape professional to ask for a consultation or referral.
Can a Landscaper help?
New Haven County Landscapers have broad skills and can work with a wide variety of landscapes and gardens. They provide landscaping services and gardening services, including landscape design (or landscaping design) and garden design, landscape maintenance, garden maintenance and yard maintenance.
What can a skilled Landscaper do?
The best Landscape Architects design and plan gardens, public parks and playgrounds, residential areas, golf courses and parkways. They suggest the location of buildings, roads, and walkways, and the arrangement of flowers, shrubs, and trees. They also restore natural environments disturbed by people, such as wetlands, stream corridors, mined areas, and forested land.

Much of a landscaper's work tends to be with pre-existing landscapes, gardens or yards and involves planting trees, flower beds and shrubs, irrigation, lawn maintenance and lawn service.